Artist’s Statement

Straddling the line between modern Photo Impressionism and Impressionistic Digital Art, my images are not intended to mimic a painting or drawing, existing in their own right as an ‘original’ digital image created and produced using current technologies. Although most include easily identifiable subject matter, they are not an accurate photographic portrayal of a person, place, or event. Instead, they convey my impression of the subject matter through the enhancement and manipulation of composition, colors, and shapes. I typically do not strive to promote any political or social agenda with my art, although social and environmental factors have influenced my work at various times in my life, and continue to do so. My primary objective has always been to create images I find aesthetically appealing in hopes that others will as well.

Exploring the emotive nature of colors and shape within an interesting composition is a consistent theme throughout all of my digital photographic art, regardless of subject matter. Attention to the visual impact that level of detail and scale will have on the finished image used for print is a professional touch that I bring to the process, based upon my years as a designer.

The primary purpose of this Website is to showcase and share my digital photographic art with a broad audience. Most of the images are available as print-on-demand through a third party vendor for a modest price to cover the cost of printing and shipping. Those that are not will be labeled NFS (not for sale), which includes most of the portraits unless express permission is granted by the subject of the image.

Please note that the images portrayed on this site have been significantly reduced in both overall size and resolution, so they will not provide the same quality of print that can be obtained using the “original image.”

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