The primary purpose of this Website is to showcase and share the Artist’s digital photographic art with a broad audience, and to provide a resource for jurors with organized art competitions to better understand how submitted images relate to his larger body of work. Helpful comments and legitimate inquiries with regard to image availability are welcome. Derogatory or hateful comments will not get a response, and if necessary, will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

At the present time there is no opportunity for “Direct Sales” provided on this site. However, many of the images are available through a third party as a print-on-demand for a modest price, plus shipping. Those that are clearly labeled NSF (not for sale), are not available for print-on-demand unless express permission is granted by the subject of the image.

Please note that the images portrayed on this site have been significantly reduced in both overall size and resolution, so they will not provide the same quality of print that can be obtained using the “original image.”